Jan 5, 2022

Debutant Colin 'Choodie' Hood secures well deserved Scrawlrbox Rising Star endorsement, read about his experience below:

1.  Does being knocked out by the tournament champion help soften the blow?

“No, I’m still livid at the outcome! Seriously though, I guess it does. But honestly, I’ve watched battles from previous years & this year the competition seemed tougher. So many good artists were in the line up. Had I been beaten by many of them I’d have held my hands up & said “fair play”. I’m only disappointed that I missed out by 0.25 points, you’ll always wonder if a few extra strokes of the pen would have made the difference. Trou was a worthy opponent though & deserved to win.”

2.  Chosen by Scrawlrbox as this tournament's Rising Star, will you be back in 2022 and is a podium finish within sight?

“It was awesome to be given the rising star status by Scrawlrbox. I found out a few days later & it was unexpected. I thought it was all done & dusted so it was a nice surprise. I’d love to take part next year. It’s an honour to be invited when you consider the wealth of talented artists now easily accessible online. I’m a newbie. I’ve done a fair bit of live drawing, but not with the competitive element. I’m not used to the race against time, next year I’ll be prepared for the adrenaline & sheer panic time constraints can produce. I’m not sure it will give me an edge against other artists but I’ll be more comfortable in the battle. I was knocked out by such a small margin, next time I reckon I could make the semi finals.”

3.  If any, what improvements / Game-Day tweaks would you make before competing again?

“I wouldn’t make many changes, I had a technical hitch just before the quarter final - couldn’t link up my livestream. Luckily it righted itself 15 minutes before going live. I’d definitely set it up earlier. Drawing wise I’d not do much differently, I do conceptual sketches, work out a rough composition & the sketch it actual size (on a different sheet of paper). A2 is a big canvas to work on but equally you might have to fit a lot in. It’s good to know where objects/faces go on the page then you can freehand around them making sure you don’t run out of paper. The only change I’d make would to be sure my tools were new. An hours battling is quite hard on marker nibs, I found many were frayed & damaged by the end. I wouldn’t want that to happen mid battle.”

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