Jan 7, 2022

Digital World Championship Runner-Up King TROU joined this year’s UK rostrum armed with a game plan and executed to perfection!

Into round 1 and UK 2019 quarter-finalist @lamolisha looked set to present a unique free-flowing threat. Working to headline: "Enough Of Treating Nature Like A Toilet" UN Fed Up With Climate Inaction TROU delivered a playful yet dark opener depicting a melting Mr Whippy aboard a sinking novelty inflatable. Drawing on previous experience he focused on a solid technical delivery knowing this combined with unique ‘on-paper’ personality would secure the win.

The quarter-finals would bring a different challenge from debutant and @scrawlrbox Rising Star @thecolinhoodshow. Clean lines and Nickelodeon vibes from Colin Hood translated well on screen helping him win the judges vote but TROU’s Jungle Book inspired family gathering in response to headline: Family Time: Entitled Relatives Who Will Make Even Your Family Look Tame resonated with his fanbase, he secured the social vote and clinched the battle by just 0.25 points.

Rival and equal @lawrence.hugh.burns lay-in-wait in what promised to be the most hotly contested semi-final of this year's championship. After Lawrence’s hugely impressive Round 1 opener TROU faced-up as underdog. Knowing the threat posed by Lawrence TROU would muster all his energy to reach the final. Working with heavyweight headline: Biden Calling Out Anti-Vaxxers As Omicron Sweeps The US TROU sprung into life building a dynamic, energy infused piece depicting ‘sleepy Joe’ encased in Forbidden Planet ‘Robby The Robot’ armour force feeding anti vaxers booster jabs in arguably one of the strongest classic entries of 2021! Seizing the initiative the battle was won.

Reigning Classic world champion @hatch_art now sat between TROU and the title, a significant hurdle and daunting prospect. With only 45 minutes to prepare both illustrators dug-in and defaulted to their tried and trusted winning formulas. Working with international news story: Apartheid Fighter Desmond Tutu Has Died At Age 90 HATCH put Bishop Tutu centre stage with a serene depiction and accompanying message. TROU taking an unusually sensitive approach depicted Desmond tutu enjoying the highlife in detailed religious attire holding an ice-cream sundae as his followers looked on. Scoring heavily across Personality & Technical judging criteria TROU secured the win by just 0.5 points.

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