Dec 27, 2020

One of the most exciting competitors on the circuit: Tony Riff (@tonyriff), with his instantly recognisable style and visionary compositions has been disqualified in Round 1! Letting his concentration slip during a tight battle with Ginger Dan (@gingerdan) while illustrating against fun headline: Man jailed for jet skiing from Scotland to Isle of Man to see girlfriend (having already used pink) he picked up an apple green posca and started detailing.

Tony appeared oblivious as the judges jaws dropped!  IWS boss and founder Marc Farrington said: ”We were all amazed and instantly knew the rookie mistake would lead to disqualification of one of the tournament's brightest natural talents”,

As tournament rules clearly state; only 8 x pieces of stationary are permitted on the Battle-Bays and the colour palette is strictly limited to black-white-greyscale and a single colour of the competitors choice.

After the battle and realising his error Tony said: “Kinda screwed up doubly here, first of all, wrong kind skis, secondly we could only use one colour so I’m probably disqualified!

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