Dec 21, 2022

Art-scene linchpin & creator of ‘After The Robot Apocalypse’ @spzero76 (SP) came in ‘under the radar’ to edge himself into this year’s UK Championship final!

In round 1 he faced veteran competitor @pode_red - experienced and no stranger to a high pressure opener, SP needed to produce.  As they grappled with headline: Matt Lucas Reveals He Is Leaving "Great British Bake Off" After Just Three Seasons (arguably suited to SP’s vivid and lighthearted style), his clever composition included a (remarkably lifelike) depiction of Matt Lucas being pursued by a hilarious array of ‘P(ie)45’ and cherry cupcake characters!  He also made effective use of perspective as the Bake-Off tent disappeared into the distance.  A unanimous decision from both judges and social vote secured the victory @ 43.75 V 39.5.

Day 2 and the quarter-finals saw a new untested but highly capable player step into the Spotlight: @ascogrill … SP was determined to meet the challenge head-on as he threw down a bold framework responding to the headline: What Is COVID Psychosis? A Teen’s Case Has Shed Light On This Rare Side Effect … A bold red backfill helped the central character (a woman racked with indecision) ‘pop’ into the foreground as he claimed another win @ 43.25 V 39.25.

At the semi-finals he met talented, composed and highly motivated @carlieyed who would prove the biggest test yet.  Illustrating against headline: Meta Fires More Than 11,000 Workers In Its First-Ever Mass Layoffs SP depicted Marc Zuckerberg as a grim reaping cyborg hellbent on world domination!  The piece was complemented by a pixelated Supermario frantically escaping the Zuckerberg onslaught!  This well balanced and intelligent response was red meat to SP’s base helping him win the social vote as he secured his place in the grand final with scores sitting at 45.25 V 44.75.

Into the final - an insurgent @grollak_art growing in confidence presented a serious threat as both players (with only an hour to prepare) got to grips with headline: Famous Kids In Christmas Movies Who’ve Reached Adulthood, Where Are They Now? … Both choosing to depict an adult Macaulay Culkin front and centre, SP got to work building a clever narrative showing Christmas movie gremlins gatecrashing Macauley’s Chrimbo shindig.  The icing on the cake was revealed as Culkin stood completely oblivious to the fact his flies were undone!  Real exhibition stuff in the closing stages showing just how self-assured our new UK Champ was throughout as he steals the title from incumbent 2021 Classic UK Champion @kingtrou.

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