Jun 2, 2021

Samsung’s European home of eSports: https://www.samsung.com/uk/explore/kings-cross/ and one of the most technologically advanced venues is to host the UK host the World Illustration Championships in August.

Their technical team headed by Michael Nicola and Andre DiMuzio will ensure their giant BlackTrax 10m x 4m LED screen showcases the best our Digital and Classic competitors have to offer.

As tickets continue to sell, our action packed three day tournament schedule should see the venue welcome almost 750 real-world visitors.  Four IWS pro Battle-Bays will also be installed into the main arena, carefully positioned in front of the LED screen to maximise viewing, while the wrap-around auditorium will gave attendees a brilliant opportunity to enjoy the action and watch the event unfold.

Launching our Digital league for the first time alongside our already established Classic discipline will be a challenge but thanks to the expertise offered by the #SamsungKX technical team, the S7 hardware on offer and our new made-to-measure venue we're sure the event will be a success, and we look forward to welcoming you all this Summer!

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