May 15, 2021

Last week we got together to discuss and improve our social voting system. The old system offered a quick and effective solution, however, as we continue to grow we understand the need to improve. We're pleased to announce the below changes.

As always there will be 4 x judges per day (3 x permanent + 1 x guest).  The criteria and overall points scored will also remain the same (0/50) but weighting and allocation have permanently changed:

0-12 | Personality: Points awarded based on the injection of energy, dynamism and charisma.

0-12 | Interpretation: Points awarded based on a successful portrayal of the headline, witty, clever and original interpretations all secure high points.

0-12 | Narrative: Points awarded for successful ‘on-paper narrative’ between characters and other elements.

0-12 | Technical: Points awarded based on dexterity, understanding of light, composition, natural ability and talent.

0-2 | Social: On Instagram @illustratedworldseries post head-2-head announcements in 'Stories' at the start of every Live Battle. These posts feature a 'Social Poll' widget giving viewers an opportunity to vote for their favourite. The stories last 1 hr 15 min (60 min battle duration and 15 min post-battle 'hang-time'). Links are provided within the announcement directing viewers to the Live Battle page and competitor profile pages to view both work-in-progress and finished pieces. After 1 hr 15 min the poll is closed.  The winner of the social vote is allocated 2 points, the loser 0.

Happy voting!

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