Jul 15, 2022

From the outset CLASSIC UK Champ (2019) @lawrence.hugh.burns (LHB) aimed to secure a podium finish.  As one of the most motivated players on the circuit with a strong emphasis on preparation and holding himself to typically high standards his Masters campaign kicked-off with a Rnd 1 clash Vs @thatblokewilson. Illustrating against headline >> Will Smith Smacks Chris Rock Onstage At Oscars For Making Joke About Jada Pinkett Smith << LHB compiled a well balanced and amusing response while flexing an (arguably) superior technical skill set securing a convincing Rnd 1 win @ 43.25 V 34.5

Heading into Day 2 a very different threat emerged - welcome coolcat newcomer @catdirty who (after a convincing Rnd 1 win) would present a stern test as they battled against headline >> Woman Accused Of $4.5 Billion Crypto Laundering Scheme Moonlights As Rapper And Forbes Writer << LHB wisely dropped the speech bubbles and micro narratives in favour of a single-image-composition depicting a bedraggled woman torn between two realities.  Cat Dirty opted for a similar approach as he showcased a svelte looking mistress complete with balaclava lounging on a bed of Forbes mags flanked by bitcoin.  Marginally winning the judges scorecard by 1.25 point and bagging the 2pt social vote LHB had the advantage as scorecards closed out @ 45.25 V 42 (his highest score of the tournament).

Into the semi-finals for what promised to be the biggest matchup of the season as CLASSIC World Champ (2021) @hatch_art limbered up for his biggest test to-date.  Responding to headline >> UK Leader Boris Johnson Resigns Following Mass Exodus Of MPs << both players depicted a ‘Rat on Sinking Ship’ narrative although it was LHB who would prevail against the Hatch 2D block fill … Bringing in signature LHB dynamism, movement and energy he detailed a furry ship's cat dragging away a reluctant PM!  Giving the fans such an action-packed portrayal secured the win as score cards punched out 44.5 V 41.5 respectively.

Into the final and one of the circuit’s biggest hitters lay in wait. Presenting a unique and formidable challenge and making his first appearance since 2020 a re-energised @ewanagain (after only just scraping a win @ the Quarterfinals Vs @artworkbyjpg) lay in wait.  Having met once before at the UK Championships 2019 with LHB the victor an intriguing re-match began to take shape. Both players worked at speed drafting frameworks which would provide the scaffold for their creations as they constructed responses to headline >> 16 Reasons Gen Z'ers Are Hilarious, Wholesome, Or Both … << Both players went pink with Ewan opting for Stabilo Neon (as standard) while LHB went Matt Pink.  As we reached the climax the judges' score cards put LHB a marginal 1.25 pts ahead meaning Ewan would need the social vote to win. Securing 67% of the social vote LHB pushed home the advantage securing another victory over talented rival and nemesis Uncle Ewan securing the Classic Masters 2022 title.

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