Sep 10, 2023

The World Illustration Championships are upon us, kicking off this Friday 15th September from 09:30 PDT | 12:30 EDT | 17:30 BST | 18:30 CET and Live Streamed on Twitch.

Ahead of the World Championships and three years after its last iteration we welcome a slicker, quicker and more premium online Art-Sports experience than ever before. The new IWS website reflects its global ambitions and looks set to jettison Art-Sports, its partners and players into the mainstream. New features include a Tournaments Page, Store, Gallery, Rankings, and the much talked about IWS-NFT (hosted on OpenSea) which (in their own words) describes their Up-Coming 'Vault Series' (back catalogue) Drop as: "Heritage Art-Sports Collectibles: Iconic, Culturally Significant & Scarce".

With a fresh minimal design the website is easy to navigate, uncluttered and clean. The user-interface offers contemporary UX as you navigate the 3 x core areas website: IWS, Collect and About (seen by accessing the hamburger tab). With increased detail offered on the origins of IWS and its founder Marc Farrington in Our Story, Art-Sports fans are able to glean further insight into what drives the team at IWS, their values and vision.

Overall the website seamlessly pulls together key info and cleverly displays key content for the uninitiated newcomer making it easier than ever to understand and engage with the intriguing and curiously competitive world of Art-Sports. IWS has become the benchmark for competitive creativity, its talented rostrum of players and enthusiastic fanbase have landed on the world stage, and they're here to stay!

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