Jul 15, 2022

As a last minute-replacement, digital debutant and underdog @killernapkins stepped straight into a Rnd 1 face-off against @curtiscreationz.  Competing against headline >> #RIPTwitter: Elon Musk Is Buying Twitter For $44 Billion << we experienced our first taste of what would prove to be a uniquely successful style never before seen in IWS tournament play.  Winning 41.75 V 39 he quickly moved into the Quarters.

After an excellent Rnd 1 performance @joon_the_goon aware of the threat posed kicked-off the Quarters as they went head-2-head against headline >> Worldcoin Promised Free Crypto If They Scanned Their Eyeballs With “The Orb” << While Joon went Marvel super villain, Napkins went left-field illustrating a terrifying phantasm’esque scene depicting the horror of mind control and registering his highest score of the tournament winning the battle 44.5 V 40.5

nto the Semi-finals and a defiant @tonyboy_____ steadily increasing in strength would test Napkins as they grappled with headline >>Twentysomethings Have Started Throwing Fake Weddings << TONYBOY went 'Comic' depicting a raucous wedding reception complete with Home Alone cardboard cutouts, disco balls and jovility while Napkins pushed a toxic narrative and highly engaging interpretation showcasing a demonic puppeteer and melting wedding cake complete with edible ‘Crash-Test’ decals ultimately winning 43.5 V 42

With the customary 1 x hour preparation between Semis and Grand Final, Napkins would need to produce something special to match a stellar looking @alexmdc who’d just dispatched @hoodtendacies achieving one of the highest scores at this year's Masters.  Working with weighty headline >> Americans Take To The Streets To Protest Overturning Of Roe V. Wade << as predicted, we were treated to a gritty editorial composition with fine-art styling contrasting Alex Solis’ congressional amphitheatre.

Once again securing unanimously high scores across 'Interpretation' and 'Personality' victory was his as he out-played a seemingly miss-firing Alex Solis winning the grand final and Digital Masters 2022 title by the smallest of margins @ 43.5 V 43.25

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