Aug 17, 2021

Just 72hrs before they were due to fly both reigning UK Champion Alex Solis and 2019 UK Champion Lawrence Hugh Burns were close to having their World title ambitions cut-short.

With both competitors impacted by the virus and unable to travel, Samsung stepped up to ensure they’d still be able to compete as they worked to ‘patch-in’ both artists across both Digital and Classic leagues.

Appearing on both the Venue’s big screen and our Twitch feed simultaneously Samsung’s technical team ensured they seamlessly matched-up alongside their opponents and competed to the same high-standards our Live competitors adhered to while at the live arena.

Such a last minute modification to our scheduling and tournament planning also meant a rethink.  With two artists now competing remotely across two separate disciplines we had to think on our feet to ensure fairness and a level playing field.  

Some competitors thrive in a live tournament setting while others benefit from home advantage - knowing how talented both Alex and Lawrence are the judges conferred and agreed to mark both their scorecards down across: Personality, Interpretation, Narrative & Technical by 10% consistently throughout each round.

The social vote result would remain intact.

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