Aug 17, 2021

Once Alex learned he wouldn’t be heading to London, passing-up his first opportunity to jump on the IWS’ world renowned Battle-Bays and compete in the flesh he resigned himself to watching the event from the comfort of his arm-chair nearly 4000 miles away in Woodlake, Wisconsin!

It wasn’t until a last minute phone call from the IWS production office did he realise his dream of taking the first ever World title could still become reality as Samsung KX committed to streaming him onto the big screen remotely.

As the technical team worked to ‘patch-in’ his battle entries they also ensured his remote hardware settings (stylus sensitivity, screen size, UX interface etc) matched those being used by our real-world competitors as closely as possible.  Alex marched into Round One taking on debutant and tough prospect: Curtiscreationz … Battling against headline: Chris Evans Will Voice Buzz Lightyear In A New Disney Pixar Movie Alex delivered a literal depiction in-keeping with his #iconsunmasked series winning his opener by a 3+ point margin.

Into the next round a seasoned Boyishmind lay in wait!  Working to the headline: Lana Del Rey Accused Of Centring "White Fragility" After Defending Album Artwork Over Lack Of Diversity Alex (losing the social vote) edged through by only 1 point.

Heading into the Semi-Finals his leads were becoming noticeably slimmer.  With his scorecards continually marked-down and heading into his next head-2-head against an optimistic and free-wheeling Keo Match with nothing to loose Alex knew it was time to move up a couple gears.  Working to obscure headline: Tom Cruise's Daughter Bella Shares A Glipse Of Her London Life Alex produced a detailed comic panel with clever flash narrative throughout and despite once again loosing the social vote and being consistently marked down he took the win by 2 points and edged himself into the Final.

The Final loomed large as Alex faced up to a powerful looking King TROU who’d just drew against an inspired Tony Riff in an epic energy sapping Semi-Final with TROU just putting Riff out on a slim Social Vote win (53% - 47%).  Securing a hard fought place in the final and a date with Alex Solis!

The two players faced off against headline: Flight Attendants Tell Us The Wildest Things They’ve Had To Deal With a great story for both players and suited to their styles.  TROU had clearly expended a lot of energy making it through to the final but he was still a dangerous opponent and capable of the win.  Alex needed to bring his A-Game and he didn’t disappoint, not only winning the social vote but also securing a blanket win across all judges' score cards too.  Alex put in the performance of a lifetime securing an IWS record high-score @ 48 points.

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